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We are offering a bespoke Blind Date box service. You tell us what you want in the box. We'll put our crack staff on the project and fill the box with the things you like. Each box comes with appropriately snarky book wraps, as well as a random thing chosen by the critters.

How do you order the box? You use this google form.


After you fill out the form, we'll reach out with instructions about payment and pick-up. We can mail them too! What a great surprise gift for someone!

And here's a handy walk-through of how they work. It all starts when you fill out our handy form, which tells us what kind of books to select. These are then wrapped in plain brown paper.

Once all the books have been wrapped (with snarky commentary), a random thing is selected.

And then everything is carefully wrapped in magical paper.

And finally, everything is packaged in a neat box. And labeled!

You may have noticed a couple of interesting pocket books in these pictures, and that's because we're throwing in a special holiday gift to you. When you get one of our Bespoke Blind Date boxes, we'll include one of the following: a pocket book reader journal (just like last year's, but with a different umbrella-carrying reader), a pocket dot journal, a pocket planner (with days and weeks and space for notes!), or a pocket divination journal (for daily tarot throwing!). While supplies last, of course.

Bespoke Blind Date boxes. The perfect holiday gift. Get yours now. https://forms.gle/qmn7iN8NQDE6Uiz38