1014 Main Street
Sumner, WA 98390
p: 253/891-9692


10am - 5pm
11am - 4pm


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A Good Book started as a bookstore slash cafe, almost two decades ago. Over the years, the cafe portion of the store dwindled and vanished under stacks and stacks of books, and now the store is filled with many new and colorful books as well as a handpicked selection of used books. Located in the heart of the quaint downtown of the Rhubarb Capitol of the World (seriously), A Good Book is a vital stop on any visit to historic Sumner.

Run by a crack staff with a near encyclopedic memory of books (visually, though; we are a very cover driven bunch), the store can help you find new books by your favorite authors, old books by the authors you loved as children, and books on interesting topics you didn't even know existed!

The store's mascot is a marmot, which are native to the Pacific Northwest. His name is Colby, and he tends to show up on the store newsletter, where he displays a rather peculiar and deep knowledge of genre.

Colby, the Store mascot, with flowers